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Creative Human, Spiritual Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud.” ~ Carl Sandburg

As a child, I remember staying up late to watch Carol Burnett & Friends and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! – the comedy, the songs, the dance numbers, the special guests and most notably, the unabridged bloopers. Something deep inside KNEW that that’s who I was, and I was inspired to DREAM… “Please welcome to the stage Karyn Brunette!!”

And then – without warning or explanation – my family imploded and life drastically changed. I discovered “substances” and their power to numb my pain, anger and confusion. My DREAM TO BECOME AN ENTERTAINER quickly vanished (along with my voice and self-esteem). I found myself venturing down some rocky roads – far from my heART. I lost sight of who I was, and life became full of adversity, heartbreak and disillusion. Lucky for me, my mother was searching for answers in her own life, and inadvertently introduced me to authors of the new age movement, who spoke of personal transformation, healing, and the idea that there was a deeper meaning to life – a ‘silver lesson’ in every cloud, so to speak. Little did I know – a storm was brewing!

By the age of 20, I had married and become a mother – which radically changed and saved my life – followed by… a head on collision, divorce, single motherhood, poverty, dead-end jobs, unhealthy relationships, and the death of both parents …plenty of opportunity to implement and practice walking my talk. And if that wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with (cervical) cancer and advised to take action immediately. So I did.

I took a leap of faith, embraced my dis-ease (foregoing traditional medical intervention), and began to overhaul my life from the inside out. I found healing in creative expression, which then led to the vision and manifestation of a Social & Arts Centre –Expressionz Café – which sadly was forced to close in 2014, unable to overcome zoning issues with the City of Edmonton.  I lost everything (and then some) including my health. I lay on the floor exhausted. I slept.

In silence you find me I AM PEACE – In peace you live me I AM LOVE – In love you know me ALL I AM (wisdom from my dream). A new door was opening – a call to live more authentically and to heal on an even deeper level. After a few years being incapacitated, I recovered. I made a video (to heal my heart), immersed myself in yoga (for the mind-body), and began a quest for truth (to heal the soul).

We are so much more than we have been programmed to believe. Please join me on this amazing journey into wellness.                


 “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society”~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Spiritual Life Coach

Yoga Instructor


My gift (and medicine) to you is connection – the ability to listen intuitively, compassionately and without judgement. I can see and feel behind your words, and assist you in unearthing deeper meaning. I offer experiential knowledge and formal training as a yoga instructor, along with a solid, centered and focused presence – a calm and resonant energy that uplifts and encourages.
My guidance is organic, following from moment to moment the cues you present – empowering you to examine your life, take control of your health and well-being and reconnect to your personal power. I do not have all the answers, you do. Let’s talk.

From raw material, through artistry and precision, a sculpture is revealed. So too are we transformed, as we consciously mold and shape our lives.


Speaker & Performer

It would be my honor to be a guest speaker for your event – inspiring your audience to reach for their most authentic expression and truly let their Soul Shine. 

I have no “credentials” to speak of…
(I am not a best-selling author, nor an expert : ))

I humbly offer my life stories & original songs (messages of transformation, courage, resilience, and optimism), which I share with humor and warmth, and with my heart on my sleeve.

To learn more or to request a date, click on the link below.


“Karyn is that kind of person who really listens. She can accept and empathize with whatever emotional position you are presenting. But she is able to stand aside from the emotion and respond back in a clear and kind manner. In other words, Karyn is able to decipher all of what you are saying and present back to you the substance of what you are saying.”

Birch Nero

“I would not be where I am now without Karyn.  I was able to begin working through issues that I needed to deal with, and this only happened after I met her. I had the space, and her open ear, to work on myself in ways that I was not able to reach before with other people. She has been, and continues to be, a calm presence and a sounding board. I always come from our “meetings” ~ spirit to spirit ~ feeling energized and ready to face the world.” 

Maggie Tate

“Karyn is a consistent support who sticks with you through thick and thin.”

Sahhara Heather McDonald

“Karyn is thoughtful, sincere, asks questions to understand more, listens with love, is compassionate, remembers what you said, keeps confidences, is helpful, has a gentle way, can listen & discuss without judgement, is a guide.”

Dawn Bissett

“It felt very natural and easy to talk to Karyn… I never felt judged or labelled, she just listens. She has a way of putting my rambled thoughts into order and understanding, leaving me feeling clearer and more at ease.”


“Karyn has a quiet, strong, empathetic manner that encourages a person to unload. She has the years behind her to have experiences to share like situations, and life’s lessons. She gives you a balanced view from an objective perspective, with strategies to calm difficult emotions and improve problematic situations. If it’s a sounding board you need she is a person with heart that you can trust to quietly listen, be intuitive of your want, and rest secure in the knowledge that your privacy is respected.”

Irene Read

“Karyn personifies ‘friend’. Time spent with her can be serious or silly, uproariously funny or substantial and deep, enlightening, therapeutic and comforting. She wears her wealth of experiential knowledge on her sleeve and openly shares obstacles she has overcome and what has worked for her. She is so completely free of judgement that I feel I can talk to her about anything without a trace of judgement or harsh words.”

Patti Hawreliak

Think Cosmically – Act Soulfully



“Row, row, row your boat – gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily – life is but a dream”

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