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About Soul Shine

Soul Shine is a budding community dedicated to the spiritual awakening and healing of humanity – the ultimate ‘Road (Trip) Less Travelled’.

Let’s leave behind our collective smallness (fear, insecurity and unworthiness) and learn to SHINE from the inside out – resting in the knowledge that WE EMBODY the ever-present, all-pervading awareness and consciousness that expresses itself through ALL THAT IS!

Too “woo-woo” for you?

Unplug, Slow down, Breathe and Observe – you will soon EXPERIENCE this truth for yourself. 
Here you will find guidance & inspiration (Spiritual Life Coaching) as well as food for thought, from a growing collective of conscious contributors, to assist you in creating a life of health and well-being.

So grab your sense of humor and sense of adventure, pick out a change of attitude, and maybe some trail mix or something (it is a road trip after all) and let’s set the world alight – we were designed to SHINE!

Karyn Stirling, Founder




Spiritual Life Coaching



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Food for Thought

Spiritual Life Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration


What’s on your Heart & Mind?


I’m here to offer a safe place for you to explore what you’re feeling and experiencing. I help you tune in and reconnect with your authentic voice and personal truths. Consciously explore, uncover, and discard what no longer serves you.
Learn to embrace what does.

Focus solely and soulfully on you!


“Karyn is that kind of person who really listens. She can accept and empathize with whatever emotional position you are presenting. But she is able to stand aside from the emotion and respond back in a clear and kind manner. In other words, Karyn is able to decipher all of what you are saying and present back to you the substance of what you are saying.”

Birch Nero

“I would not be where I am now without Karyn.  I was able to begin working through issues that I needed to deal with, and this only happened after I met her. I had the space, and her open ear, to work on myself in ways that I was not able to reach before with other people. She has been, and continues to be, a calm presence and a sounding board. I always come from our “meetings” ~ spirit to spirit ~ feeling energized and ready to face the world.” 

Maggie Tate

“Karyn is a consistent support who sticks with you through thick and thin.”

Sahhara Heather McDonald

“Karyn is thoughtful, sincere, asks questions to understand more, listens with love, is compassionate, remembers what you said, keeps confidences, is helpful, has a gentle way, can listen & discuss without judgement, is a guide.”

Dawn Bissett

“It felt very natural and easy to talk to Karyn… I never felt judged or labelled, she just listens. She has a way of putting my rambled thoughts into order and understanding, leaving me feeling clearer and more at ease.”


“Karyn has a quiet, strong, empathetic manner that encourages a person to unload. She has the years behind her to have experiences to share like situations, and life’s lessons. She gives you a balanced view from an objective perspective, with strategies to calm difficult emotions and improve problematic situations. If it’s a sounding board you need she is a person with heart that you can trust to quietly listen, be intuitive of your want, and rest secure in the knowledge that your privacy is respected.”

Irene Read

“Karyn personifies ‘friend’. Time spent with her can be serious or silly, uproariously funny or substantial and deep, enlightening, therapeutic and comforting. She wears her wealth of experiential knowledge on her sleeve and openly shares obstacles she has overcome and what has worked for her. She is so completely free of judgement that I feel I can talk to her about anything without a trace of judgement or harsh words.”

Patti Hawreliak

Conscious Community

Food For Thought


You Create Your Reality

As you take responsibility for the unconscious creation of your reality, you will also recognize that you alone have the power to change it...

What Do YOU Believe?

In The Dark Side of the Enlightenment, author John V. Fleming writes, “The great impediment to human progress was not incapacity but mental timidity or cowardice, the fear of independent thinking and fear’s vicious sibling, a comfortable habit of settling for second-hand authority.”...

The Unbearable Weight of Creativity

We were all children once with dreams that sat at tables with us. We talked and played with them, poured tea for them, and believed them, why wouldn't we...

The Blue Sunglasses

"It is up to each of us to discover and develop our greatest Being..."...

All’s Well, Right?

Think about your heart’s desire. Focus on your dreams. Look for the good in others. Pay attention to what is working well. Appreciate nature. Spend time doing things that bring you joy...


One morning I awoke from a dream with these words impressed on my mindIn silence you find me, I AM PEACE. In peace you live me, I AM LOVE. In love you know me, ALL I AM...

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